Most of Trondheim’s numerous public artworks are physical objects that need looking after. There are therefore high hopes attached to the art plan for Nyhavna, which might just mark a shift in the kind of art we encounter in public space. For the time being, however, the plan is on indefinite hold.

The Oslo Biennial shows a refreshingly low level of branding and sensationalism. Quite the contrary, it is so unostentatious that locating its headquarters can in itself be something of a challenge. I very nearly ended up at the neighbouring offices of the Oslo Medieval Festival, which was going on at the same time.

Oslobiennalen er forfriskende lite logofisert eller sensasjonspreget. Tvert imot er den så lite prangende at det å finne biennalens hovedsete i seg selv skulle vise seg å være en liten utfordring. Selv var jeg nær ved å forville meg inn hos naboen, Oslo Middelalderfestival, som foregikk samtidig.