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I wonder how she transfers her motifs to the canvas. How she knows where to cut each hole. I don’t understand how it’s possible to do this by hand, but I’m equally fascinated by the way mere holes of different sizes can add up to a picture.

Reviews, 03.05.2022

The exhibition is at its strongest at the point where the thread begins to fray and to expose the monument’s attempt to round things off, the point at which the viewer is invited to join an unresolved debate, a movement, to entertain doubt; to enter a conflicted space that acknowledges itself as already and always an arena of violence.

Trondhjems kunstforening has been sealed by Den norske idealstaten (The Norwegian Ideal State). Could an ideal ever be anything other than a simplification?

At first glance, the exhibition «Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstandings – Still Life» by Lin Wang has the appearance of a mouth-watering banquet, but the more I have of it, the worse the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth.

The Oslo Biennial shows a refreshingly low level of branding and sensationalism. Quite the contrary, it is so unostentatious that locating its headquarters can in itself be something of a challenge. I very nearly ended up at the neighbouring offices of the Oslo Medieval Festival, which was going on at the same time.