Nora Mertes, Galleri Blunk


Nora Mertes, Still Not Blue på Galleri Blunk, Trondheim 17. til 19. desember 2011.

Nora Mertes’s work includes video, light, text, photography, and sculptural elements. Together it functions as a special collage through which visitors can amble like a landscape. 

The work adapts different historical and cultural situations and moments and brings them together within the time and space of the exhibition place. One is an image of a landscape based on the landscape Petraca saw when he ascended the Mont Ventoux in 1336. Nora Mertes ascended the same mountain, this time via ordinary Streetview. Another part is the Film ”Jump of Asyona” that Mertes recreated for this exhibition. In it, she adapts an element of dance that was practiced in Monte Veritat around the 1900s. It displays a Sisyphus-like repeating imitation and the failure of a particular jump by the members of the Monte Veritat commune. 


These and other elements build up the landscape and it is up to the visitor to decide whether to be an observer or an active participant inside of the landscape. 

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