Lasse Årikstad, ISFIT-festivalen


In different spaces av Lasse Årikstad på Studentersamfundet, 13. – 20.2.2011

Lasse Årikstad viser tre prosjekter i forbindelse med ISFiT-festivalen på Studentersamfundet. Untitled/Whole fuckin rainbow, Mirror piece #2 og videoverket Travelling without moving som er laget sammen med Lona Hansen.

Fra pressemeldingen:

Lasse Årikstad is from Kristiansand, Norway, but is currently a student at the Trondheim Art Academy. He works in many different mediums, such as installation, drawing, ready- mades, sculpture, video, collage and land art. Recurrent themes in his art are transformation, architecture, recycling, humor and found objects. For ISFiT 2011 he has contributed with three art projects. In Rundhallen at Studentersamfundet a mosaic of mirrors will be installed underneath the existing chandelier. The installation will create an optic illusion turning the room upside down, and it will reflect the light around the room. Before the plenary sessions you can see a video in the dome of Storsalen, made in collaboration with Lona Anna Margrete Hansen. This video is a visual collage consisting of stop-motion animation, drawn animations and sampled pictures. In Høgskoleparken a sculpture made of snow and wood, painted in fluorescent colors, will be displayed. (