ELINA TUHKANEN – Go There, Galleri KiT 12 februar 2009.

“In the exhibition, Go There, I explore scenarios using landscapes that are real, imagined or combinations of both. Working insculpture and video I have created environments using elementsthat have piqued my curiosity since childhood- mysterious holes inthe ground, glowing insects, and children raised by wolves- these are some of the ideas considered. While obtaining my BFA from the University of Georgia, I studied art and ecology simultaneously. In certain aspects I approach my artwork like I did the study ofecology- in this exhibition contemplating the manifold relationships between landscapes and people.”

Om kunstneren: Elina Tuhkanen (f.1978 Atlanta, Georgia, USA) er en finsk-amerikansk kunstner. Hun har sin bachelorgrad fra Universitetet i Georgia, 2001, og er nå i ferd med å avslutte sin mastergrad ved Kunstakademiet i Helsinki. Utstillingen i Galleri KiT er hennes første utstilling i Norge.