One night performance:

Babel visningsrom for kunst, onsdag 1. juli kl 20.00 – 2009

Mighty live audiovisual performance exploring the vast region that lies between improvisation and sound art, is a work-in-progress starting in 2006 and changing in accordance with circumstances and places.

/the random mix of rhythm, sound and light effects will alter the audience’s perception of reality, creating a drug-free (natural high) psychadelic experience./

The name ironically evokes a R&B band back from the 70′: far from this, the RUDIMACHINES are an electro-acoustic set of four musical sculptures made up of recovered materials such as old wine barrel staves, former chocolate Easter eggs moulds,
abandoned bicycles gears, obsolete hand-drills, etc.

They are the harmonic and human driven section of the «band».

The FIREFLIES are insect-like analogical photovoltaic robots that move, play, produce rhythm and project iridescent highlights: dressed up in dark silicon panels they absorb energy directly from the light giving it back as Rhythm, Sound, Music. Dancing upon amplified surfaces these frenzy restless creatures endlessly beat their own inner rhythm, thus providing a random base for the live performance.

Apart from being the rhythmic section of the band, made up of burnt-out CD-ROMs, recycled silicon cells, plexi glass, fabric fibre and electric copper wires, they want to be an aesthetic reflection, an artistic point of view on how future robots will look like.

Rudi Punzo